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This site includes some writing and blogging on what's going on in my little life. I'm officially a writerer now. I must be as there's printed books with my name in and an author page on Amazon - who'd have thunk it!? I'm a member of a Liverpool writing group The Poised Pen, which comprises a largely friendly group of diverse bods who write plays, poems, flash and fully fledged booky things.
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Here's me with a pint. Probably a pad and pen in pocket, but definitely beer tokens.
(Fyne Fest 2013)

Flash Fiction

I love the art of flash fiction. It suits me both with respect to time and the way my head works - look a squirrel.

I've been doing flash regularly now for about three years or so. You may see me hanging about at:

  • Flash! Friday Fiction
  • Angry Hourglass
  • Visdare
  • Finish That Thought
  • Thursday Threads

If you haven't given it a go before then take a look at some of these and give one a go. They're a friendly bunch these flashers.

As well as being a member of The Poised Pen I'm also one of the founder pack of Flash Fiction writers known as the
Flashdogs. We have released our first anthology - imaginatively titled 'Flashdogs: An Anthology' for the Kindle and available in paperback - and it is fabulous. And a second anthology was released in the summer of 2015. Keep up to date via the Flash Dogs website.

I'm proud to have won some great Flash Fiction writing challenges (those are the badges at the top of the page):

Real Ale

One of my passions is real ale. If you're going to drink beer then drink something that tastes nice - you're paying for it after all.

There's nothing much nicer than visiting a town and walking around it visiting a few good hostelries. To that end I've put together a few pub walks in pdf form for Liverpool, St Helens, Manchester, Hull and Rugby.

Aim to add some more in the future.
Walks here.

I also have a real ale Twitter account @RealeLiverpool and an associated webpage:

Liverpool Pubs 600


My writing has been included in several publications including two published by Poised Pen Writing Group of which I am a member.

Flashdogs: Anthology Volume 1
(Flash Dogs, 2014) - P & K
Flashdogs: Anthology Volume 2 - Solstice Light (June 2015) - P & K
Flashdogs: Anthology Volume 2 - Solstice Dark (June 2015) - P & K
Frightening Flash Fiction (Poised Pen, 2014) - K
Half Baked Anthology (Poised Pen, 2014) - P & K
500 Words of Magic (Luminous Creatures, 2015) - P & K

P - paperback
K - Kindle

Follow Me on Twitter or Oggle My Photos

I have removed my photo galleries from the site as it was quite clunky and repetitious. Thousands of my photos have been lovingly uploaded to Flickr - including nice picture folders for India, California, Mexico, Music, Costa Rica, Football and Beer. Head over to Flickr to check them out. Flickr page

I'm a Twitter obsessive and have a couple of accounts. My personal account is @zevonesque and covers all sorts including writing, music, ale, footy etc.

My second account is @RealeLiverpool and relates almost exclusively ale related tweets.

Half Baked

Half Baked Front Cover 200

Frightening Flash Fiction

Halloween Anthology Cover 200

FlashDogs Anthology Volume 1

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500 Words of Magic

500 words

FlashDogs Anthology Volume 2 - Solstice : Light

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FlashDogs Anthology Volume 2 - Solstice : Dark

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Runner-Ups and Honorable Mentions

  • Angry Hourglass
  • Microbookends
  • Race the Date
  • Flash Fiction Friday
  • Trifecta
  • 3 Line Thursday
  • Mid Week Blues Buster.
  • I got down to a short list to win a story writing competition for Jura Whisky in 2013 - which was most exciting.

Other Writing

I wrote a review of the 2013 Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia which is on the Subba-cultcha website, click here.

I've had a piece published in the
Sirens Call ezine - 'Sriptum in Morte' (December 2014).

To date my only poetry claim to fame is having a poem about one of my favourite pubs (The Caledonia) displayed at the pub.

Thanks to the four anthologies I have an
Author page on Amazon, which is quite cool in its way.
Team 8
I've been picked as a judge for Flash Fiction Friday and will be in judging Team 8 with Voima Oy.

More here.
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Lots and lots of writing - predominantly flash and some blogging forms the majority of the site, including entries for Flash FF, Angry Hourglass, Visdare etc.

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