"The Last Car in Salford" - Angry Hourglass #60

Last week (w/e 22nd March) I managed a little writing including; Three Line Thursday, Microbookends, Flash Fiction Friday and Angry Hourglass.

Made up today to be told I got 2nd place in the
Angry Hourglass challenge (No. 60). My best showing in AH so far. Maybe I can win it one day… It's a tough ask though with the quality of the writers who enter AH.

In the meantime here is my AH story. I actually wrote it as '
The Last Car in Fazakerley' but that would have given it away as being my story so changed it to Salford. The judge (Sal) pointed out I'd put her name in the title, so perhaps that was a good idea too!

The dramatic picture was provided by
Ashwin Rao:

The Last Car in Salford

It was a reckoning, but it came not as anticipated. Somehow the world turned – not on man, but on car. The ground began to reclaim its metals, sucking back the iron, aluminium and chromium into the rocks, as a child sucks a sweet.

“It’s the End of Days!” shouted the world’s media and religious leaders, at a hysterical populous. And it was; for a while.

Henry’s car had been eaten in the first weeks of The Reclamation.

“Never liked it anyway. Cost a fortune to keep on the road.” Henry said.
“Didn’t waste too much time trying to get your tax and insurance back though did you? That broke the internet. The insurance companies were never going to last the week.” said Michelle.

“But how do I get down the Asda?” said Henry.

“Flag down a taxi, mate.” said Michelle, laughing so much she got hiccups.

They walked down the empty roads towards the river.

“I’m enjoying the silence.” said Michelle. “And no, I don’t mean you.” She gently pushed him.

Henry spread his arms to the world – in a ‘all this could be yours’ gesture. “Yes, it’s a blessing. No doubt about it. Shame about the pubs though.”

“Trust you. No milk or bread and you’re worried about where the hops are.”

Henry raised both eyebrows. “And…?”

Michelle changed tack. “You know it’s 28 days since the first ones went? Apt, aint it?” She pointed down the empty streets.

Henry shrugged.

“You’ve not seen ’28 Days Later’?”

Henry shook his head. “Not that I remember. I’ve never been into rom-coms.”

Michelle laughed.

“Look there. There’s half a car. I haven’t seen one for days; thought they’d all gone now.” Michelle said, pointing at the poignant reminder of a different time.

“Must be the last car in Salford that. Can’t have been here that long either – it’s still got its tyres!”

The couple laughed then absently held each others hands.

“I’m not sure how the world will do without cars. But I’m looking forward to seeing it.” Henry said.

“It will be a better place. At the very least there won’t be a ‘Fast and Furious 32’.” Michelle said.

(360 words)
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