Not a Bad Couple of Days

Flip first week of 2015 and not a bad week from the words perspective…

1. First publication of 2015 - the Luminous Creatures '
Five Hundred Words of Magic' on Amazon
2. Published in Sirens Call eZine #18 '
Scriptum in Morte'
Won 13 free books from Specsavers twitter competition - selection from 2014 National Book Awards.
4. Came 2nd in
Angry Hourglass today!

Not bad eh!

Aims this year… want to win an
Angry Hourglass and Microbookends competition - and would love a second Flash Fiction Friday win. Need to identify another couple of competitions to go for and see if I can win something that I get paid for - now that would be ridiculous!

Now if I can just get a lottery win (or decent short hour well paid job to allow me to write some) and get rid of this damn ear infection.
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