Judging - FTT

Flash Friday Fiction - Judging

I was tasked with coming up with the first line and the Special Challenge for this week. And then I had to undertake the judging.

There were eleven stories from some fabulous authors. I judged them blind (the names and twitter handles removed for me) and gave them all several reads through before going through and commenting on them all.

The range of stories were as ever very wide. I quite quickly selected my favourite stories and reread them a few times before selecting my winning tales (one winner, two runner ups and a Special Challenge winner).

Loved all the stories and the winners were posted on the same night, which were;

  • Mark Driscoll - Second Runner Up
  • Erin McCabe - First Runner Up
  • Holly Geely - Winner

Congratulations to all of them, it was an enjoyable task but it'll be nice to get writing again rather than judging next time.
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