Poised Pen Anthologies

Poised Pen are Out of their tiny Minds. Who knew?

This week saw the release on to Kindle for the first time the first two anthologies from the
Poised Pen writing group: 'News From Nowhere' and 'Out of Our Minds'.

These date back to a significant time in the group's history - a time when I wasn't a member and when certain members of the group thought the Kindle was going to be a quick fire fad that would never take off. The two books were released in paperback form, which of course is what we all like to see in reality, but the Kindle is great for just being able to download and dive straight in - whether it be on No.17 bus through Anfield or the subway beneath Manhattan.

I joined the group a couple of years ago and love the guys. It is good that there has been a consistent core of great writers but also that it is periodically refreshed by arriving newcomers (so much so I now seem to be an old hand-ish). These books were written before the Flash Dogs were conceived but have two dogs between the covers (if you have a Kindle cover that is). So, if you're browsing Amazon on or after Prime Day and can't decide on what faddy electronics to invest in why not just pop over to the Kindle books page and give your head a shake with the tales and poems of Poised Pen.

(of course the Third Anthology 'Half-Baked' which came out last year has always been available on Kindle and is still available too)

In short buy them all before we bombard you with reasons to buy Anthology Four, which is bound to be about before too long (and I dare say a Kindle version is quite likely from the off).


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