The Flash Dogs

Running with the Pack


So I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but I seem to have joined a gang. It's an eclectic group of disparate reprobates from around the globe. But we've all got one thing in common; we've all got a severe form of flash addiction.

Most of us can't help ourselves when faced with a Friday. It's not just 'Friday' it's 'Flash Fiction Friday' a time of dragons and myths and many many deaths and strange injuries all encompassed in just 160 words.

There's Wednesday's with the Visdare challenge. Black and white enigmas manufactured into new told stories.

As for Sunday, well we all pray at the church of the Angry Hourglass.

And that is not even the half of them; there's them Luminous Creatures, Mid Week Blues Buster, Race the Date, there's… well, lots. And the Dogs get seen across all of them.

So who are the Flash Dogs? Do we have a uniform? Do we have a song? A flag? A Constitution? Nope, not yet anyway.

We do however carry paper and pens and internet enabled devices. So we're dogs with pockets.

And now we're dogs with a little webpage too, thanks to Shake the Subwoofer, and that is over on:

So just remove the leash and let's go for a little run, I'm not sure where we are of to, but it could be an interesting journey.
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