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A Probing Question

The day it all began, the sky was wrong. It was smeared like a fresh bruise with purples, yellows and browns. It looked alive, sentient even, smears flowing in opposite directions, stopping to let other colours slide past, but it wasn’t just that. The most wrongiest thing of all to Arthur was that it was mostly below him.

Arthur shook his head and then slapped himself hard, expecting the vision to change, but still the bruise pulsated below him. He looked down at his hands and saw he was holding a towel and then noticed he was in a strange pair of pink shorts.

“What the hell type of cheese did have last night?” said Arthur to the window. He then tried to remember what he had eaten, or had to drink the night before.

He burped and recoiled remembering the spicy chilli.

“No cheese then,” he said. “but I must have had something in it perhaps those mushrooms from the seven-eleven were not all they seemed.”

“And why am I talking to myself?”

A door opened behind him and briefly the sky stopped moving for Arthur as time slowed. He was deeply fearful to confront whatever mushroom borne monster his head had concocted.

Then there was a gentle cough, something a monstrous beast would never do - they never get a frog in their throat monsters, unless they are really frogs.

And so he turned around and there was Derek from accounts smiling at him. “Hello Arthur, you okay?”

‘Well, there’s a question,” Arthur said, pointedly.

“I’m surprised you have only one.” Derek said.

Arthur turned to the sky and pointed. “Err, can you see that, what I’m seeing?”

Derek went up on his toes. “Approximately.”

‘Well, what do you see?”

“Earth on a peculiar day Arthur?”

Arthur realised he was sweating profusely now and wiped his face with the towel. “Definitely the mushrooms.” he muttered.

Derek moved over to the window, while Arthur couldn’t make out where the door he’d come in through had gone.

“I need to lie down. I’m not used to this,” Arthur said.

Derek looked at him. “Good timing Arthur, I hope you enjoyed the view, you won’t remember it of course when you’re back.”

“What the hell Derek?” said Arthur.

“Derek? You haven’t quite got it yet have you?” he said.

Arthur looked at Derek like a man who had lost his mind many moons ago.

“I’m too old for all this,” Arthur said, “you know, drugs and all.”

Derek smiled as Arthur started to lie down on a convenient table.

Then Arthur felt a soft juddering as the table adjusted around him. He saw Derek over by a console press a button and some metallic clasps erupted from the table and tightened around his legs, arms and neck. He could only just see Derek out of the corner of his eye and he saw he was even more alien than an accountant now.

“So Arthur, are we ready for that probe now?”


(500 words)

- by A J Walker for Finish That Thought 30 September 2014
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