Flash! Fiction Friday - Judging

Poised Pen - Flash! Friday Judging

Rebekah at Flash! Friday asked Poised Pen writing group to review the stories for Friday 21st November 2014 so Catherine and I were tasked with the judging. It was an interesting experience for me as my first try at judging. Think it will affect how I write my stories a little in the future. Most notably with such short stories it was noted how much a decent title was important. An ill thought word, line or title can jar quite noticeably and can be the difference between a yay or nay!

We were half expecting a lot of the
Flash Dogs to double up on entries so were relieved to find it was a relatively quiet week with only 64 stories to read. There was a lot of death, lots of dogs, no dragons, a few references to HMV and some interesting tech. Of course there was some blatant nods to Liverpool with Beatles and Liverpool FC getting a few mentions. One even used Hey Jude as the title - the number one when I was born - suspect cyber stalking!

So on Sunday we agreed on the Winners, Runners-Ups and Mentions, then Catherine did her magic with the detailed reviews (a lot more correct than mine would be - not sure a geologist has the right words).


The stories for Week 2-50 were based on the photograph of Caruso with a phonograph (above) and as a nod to the Flash Dogs needed to include a puppy. Woof!!

results were sent on to Rebekah on Monday morning (UK time) and hey presto! there was a new winner and he's Flash Dog too. Woof woof!! Well done Chris Milam.

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