Aug 2014

Writing Process Blog Tour

Thanks to ImageRonin - and the fact that I didn’t move fast enough - I was tagged in the My Writers Process Blog Tour. It’s only a matter of time before you get tagged too you know...

The majority of my writing is currently flash, but we will see where I go. I want to go further. Pages further. Maybe even chapters. One day.

Firstly I’d like to take my silly hat off to all my friends and acquaintances on the flash circuit out there across Europe, the Americas and Australasia in particular. There seems to be so many cool dudes and dudettes finding a way with a few simple words, of putting them into sense and sentences and making such great stories with them. Perfectly judged small scale explosive storiness.

Anyway enough of your wonderfulness, now for the process blog:

LiverWrite 8

What Am I Working On?

Other that this? It’s more of a difficult question than it should be. Though that would predominantly be my guilt talking. I have a multitude of ideas flying around my head and snippets in pads and on hard drives.

Currently I am not doing a good job of finishi..

I have a short term aim to complete a group of linked stories (by theme) all of which will be based in Liverpool. I have started several of them and am quite into a couple of them, some need rethinking completely while I have some germs of ideas for the others. I am conscious I need to knuckle down and get some of these finished to a point I am happy to at least deliver to my writing group - I am in a fab Liverpool writing group called Poised Pen.

In terms of something. More substantial than the flashing and short stories I also have a neat idea of a time travel story which I am keen to get on with - so far I’ve pencilled in ‘a’ first chapter. It’s probably not so great so far, but if I get a story roughly down I can revisit it over time and refine and rebuild, If it goes to plan and I can get stuck in then I think I can develop the idea into a novella length. And if I get carried away further, who knows?

How Does My Work Differ From Others of It’s Genre?

I’m from the future. And I learnt most my writing. Ability.

Through reading your ancient text messages. And.

Twitter feeds. Which.

Explains my short sentences and. Incorrect use of grandma and spellink.

One day I will lurn Facebook and probably kill myself. But I will take others with me. Especially anyone who posts. An icebucket challenge.

Hashtag: Smiley face.

Why Do I Write What I Write?

We are insane animals aren’t we. No intelligent design involved. How mad that we can hardly be born without the use of tools and machinery. Our heads, evolved to such dimensions all out of kilter with our bodies. Big head needed for these oversized underused brains. While other animals do lunch and look for dinner dates and sleep and shit
ad infinitum... what do we do?

We have time and the inclination to do stuff. Meaningless stuff that doesn’t help us get lunch or get dates. Stuff to entertain. To engage ourselves, and others.

We draw on cave walls, we tell stories around camp fires. We make music. We dance. The drawings, the music, the dancing, it all tells stories.

It’s what we do. When we aren’t eating. Or sleeping. Or defecating.

We all tell stories. I’m just one of them that writes them down. But just little snippets. Tiny flashes of light.

Sometimes I do the eating, defecating, sleeping stuff too. Really, I do. In fact often it’s easier than the writing.

How Does My Writing Process Work?

The thing I like I about the flash fiction is the photographic prompts. They nearly always give so many options. The focus on the main image, or something hiding away in the background. Or what might just be out of sight.

Knowing that by looking at a photo every Friday on ‘Flash Friday Fiction’ or on the Wednesday ‘Visdare’ that I can come up with a story is great for understanding that there will never really be a time when I will not be able to come up with something. Even if not perfect; something.

Sometimes now - especially on Flash Friday - I’ll look at the photo and the word before getting in the car and then on the drive into work I’ll turn off my radio and have a think over a few ideas. Then pick one to go with. As I excitedly exclaim before driving through a red light I’ll then jot down a few words or the story over lunch. Who says men can’t multi-task?

I’ve said it earlier, but while I love the flash fiction, I am conscious that I want to - I need to - go on some. And that will have to change my processes. I’ll have to see how that will go. I will let you know...

Introduction to Three Other Writers:

Miranda Kate
Twitter: @PurpleQueenNL

Miranda was one of the first flash and short story writers to actively engage with me - that would be feedback then - which was really good as someone really quite nervous about getting out there.

Thanks Miranda!

Miranda has already put her Process Blog out there - back in February!! Check it out here:

Margaret Locke
Twitter: @Margaret_Locke

Another early adopter of me and my little flashing. Great to see Margaret out there a lot. And into chocolate and those pesky meddling kids with Scooby Doo too. Woof!

To be added when I've had a message back that he/she is happy to be tagged!


"A Blurring of Gods"

A Blurring of Gods

Nature carved these caves; with acid.

Ancient man used them, modified them. Made them safe, then comfortable. Turned them into homes.

Then they became sacred. Places to pray, to marvel at this world. Paintings; splashes of heaven on the very earth itself. Carved now by man, not be nature, in a blurring of gods.

Then the earth shook with a violence. And man left these sacred holes disillusioned, shocked at god’s anger at his temerity to create.

Generations passed and time smoothed the jagged edges to roundness, leaving the pockmarked cliff like a decaying beehive.

Now the gods were fighting, lightning flashing brighter than daylight, shadows dancing and mocking throughout my temporary shelter and the ground shook gently with the rumbles.

Trapped by dangerous torrents I chip away absently at the cave wall modifying the space. Perhaps I should bring paints and grand ideas next time. Start the cycle again. This concert of earth, gods and man.

Creation, destruction. Creation.

(160 words)

A story from Flash Friday Fiction (August 15th 2014).

Visdare #72 | "Broken Porcelain"

Visdare No. 72 was one of 'Rejection' and featured the decaying porcelain face of a doll (maybe I'll post it here later?). Only just in time but here's my tuppence worth, and 150 words to boot!
Photo Source

Broken Porcelain

The top of the cabinet was a roadblock of bottles, tubs and tubes. Potions and lotions branded with sweet, sassy or enigmatic names. All of them suggesting a secret that only their makers knew.

Sylvia sat back studying the mirror, searching for imperfections, happy with this week’s choices. Smooth as a babies bot and as delicate as porcelain.

‘You finished, love?’ Daniel shouted as he came up the stairs.

Sylvia took a breath, ‘Yes darling. Sorry, beauty and youth doesn’t come easy.’

‘Or cheaply,’ he replied, regretting it immediately.

‘Cheap? What price youth? Look at me! No-one guesses my age within ten years. I’m the envy of every friend I’ve ever had.’

‘Underneath,’ Daniel looked at her, ‘are you beautiful really? We wouldn’t know with these smeared concoctions holding your face together.’

‘Beauty is not just youth’ he continued.

‘Are you saying I am not beautiful?’ Sylvia said to the mirror.

Daniel walked out. ‘I’m saying, I’ve no idea.’