Jan 2015

Another Quick Flash Thursday!

After a long day I got home tired. But decided I must try and get some bits out for Thursday, which is fast becoming 'Flash Fiction Log Jam Thursday' due to all the challenges which come out.
Pleased to be able to get three out for:

And tomorrow of course it is Flash! Friday. Huzzah. I need another win there at some point, but I know it'll be damn tough - all the other writerers are just too damn fine!


Finish That Thought 2-29

Finish That Thought - 2-29 was full of Flash Dogs this week. With the famous dragon lady Rebekah Postupak our host this week I had to put a dragon of some sort in it. Not to mention a Warren Zevon reference too. Welcome to 'Splendid Isolation':

Splendid Isolation
Rebekah slowly opened the window to drink in what she knew to be her very last sunrise. Her plan was scuppered by an eastern front which brought a disappointing grey-wash sky.
She’d known this day would come, when her past would catch up with her. It was at the very least what she deserved. Penance for the accident.
She’d caused it. That’s what she’d been told. So accident wasn’t the right term was it? She was guilty of causing all those deaths. Young and old. Lives smudged out in messy instant. Her fault. Her penance.
Rebekah sat on the edge of her bed feeling the bag against the small of her back. Her meagre possessions. These would be all she would take. Her choice. It was penance.
The broken mirror said much to her and she rubbed her roughened knuckles. The room was strewn with boxes, bottles, cardboard detritus of a life that had fallen apart. She couldn’t look after herself anymore.
The magazine picture of the limestone pinnacles pinned to the wall the only decoration. A clue if anyone wanted to look for her, should she be missed.
Her watch told her it was time to go. She took it off and left it neatly on the bed. She threw the rucksack over one shoulder. It dug in painfully to her clavicle. Pain she must take. She needed it. It was the one thing that showed she was alive. She could control it, inflict it. Penance.
The coach took her west. Another three progressively smaller buses took her into the mountains. She gulped when she first caught a glimpse of the monastery perched between the serrated teeth in perfect isolation. One of the monks was waiting for her at the stop and drove her up the rickety track in silence. She took tea with the monks, who were calming. There was no judgment. Not even questions.
She was pointed to the peaks where she would find a west facing cave. Where she could sit and contemplate life; death, accidents and blame. She needed to feel it all. Sometimes she felt totally responsible and hated herself. Sometimes she felt it hadn’t been her fault and she’d hated herself more.
As she walked through the mountainside brush she could see her cave in the distance. There were plenty of others but this cave chose her. The monks would bring her alms each day. She would get better out here or die trying.
When she was a child Rebekah had wanted to live in cave, she hadn’t envisaged these circumstances. She never saw the sunrise, but she got to see many fiery sunsets. A dragon started appearing in her dreams and one day she scratched the outline of one onto the ceiling. It would be the one and only companion for her journey, it would look after her.
As the weeks and months passed in her splendid isolation she had confidence that she would get better.
(496 words)


Flash Week: Microbookends, FFF and AH

Well, I didn't have a really prolific week last week. Started some or thought I'd do a few more - like Finish That Thought and Thursday Threads - but in the end last week just saw me finishing Microbookends, Flash Fiction Friday and Angry Hourglass. The latter two are the ones I am keenest to try and do come what may!

Microbookends I couldn't format as I wanted as I wasn't sure how to put it into the correct HTML code as I wanted it presented in four columns. I had to present it as a single column instead. Ho hum. Anyway the way I wanted it to look is below. The piece as ever has to start and end with the prompted words - in this case Peace and Prize - and be between 90 and 110 words.

A-Z of War and Peace: X and Make Up


I managed to get
Flash Fiction Friday done. And was quite happy with it. Though someone pointed out that the last minute addition of the footnote had taken me over the word count. Which is a shame because it didn't need the note - though I quite liked it. (more ho humming).

As for the
Angry Hourglass I've no ho humming. Just up against some very talented guys and gals (very very well attended by the Flash Dogs).


Flash Dogs in Paperback!

Well blow me down with a feather, the Flash Dogs Anthology (Volume 1) is now available in paperback. Yes, an actual book, paper and ink bound together with a really cool cover. Flip! The guys and gals at Flash Dog HQ kept this very close to their respective chests and announced this on Saturday. Thanks FDHQ, mucho kudos.

For the princely sum of £7.99 you get 332 pages of actual paper. It'll look mighty fine on your bookshelf too.


Not a Bad Couple of Days

Flip first week of 2015 and not a bad week from the words perspective…

1. First publication of 2015 - the Luminous Creatures '
Five Hundred Words of Magic' on Amazon
2. Published in Sirens Call eZine #18 '
Scriptum in Morte'
Won 13 free books from Specsavers twitter competition - selection from 2014 National Book Awards.
4. Came 2nd in
Angry Hourglass today!

Not bad eh!

Aims this year… want to win an
Angry Hourglass and Microbookends competition - and would love a second Flash Fiction Friday win. Need to identify another couple of competitions to go for and see if I can win something that I get paid for - now that would be ridiculous!

Now if I can just get a lottery win (or decent short hour well paid job to allow me to write some) and get rid of this damn ear infection.

Sirens Call

It's been an almost prolific couple of days for me what with Five Hundred Words of Magic going on to Amazon at the weekend and today the 'Sirens Call - Issue 18 Scriptum in Morte' eZine has been published online. As well as myself there is also a story from @fallintofiction another member of the Poised Pen writing group - so Poised Pen has done very well there.

Sirens Call is in pdf form, or can just be viewed online, and is free! So here's your link:



Five Hundred Words of Magic - Luminous Creatures

Luminous Creatures have just published the 'Five Hundred Words of Magic' for Kindle on Amazon and I'm chuffed to have a couple of stories in it - 'Potential Energy' and 'Sideways'. These stories were from the Weeks 2 and 5 picture prompts from their competition 'Winter of Whymsy and Wydrdness'.

There are plenty of Flash Dogs in there of course and two Poised Pen isn't a bad showing either.

Click below to go to the Amazon (UK) page. I've just downloaded it myself. Looking forward to seeing it on the Kindle (and the chapbook later in the month too!).


Luminous Creatures Website