Jun 2014

Visdare #67 | 'Waiting for Death'

Waiting for Death

Two faces at the gate were expectantly gazing out. The cat from its high point was purring warmly and gently shaking like it had swallowed a mobile on vibrate, whilst is old partner beneath her crouched by the weight of years.

It was nearly time.

A content smile pushed back the wrinkles as Marion saw the black figure heading straight down the street towards them.

The silhouette of the hood and billowing cape grew ever larger as the he approached. The tall scythe of the reaper wobbled from side to side with each inexorable step closer.

Ginger meowed feigning interest as he reached the gate, whilst Marion tried to peer through the hood to see the eyes of death. Death swayed twirling the scythe before coughing, clearing his throat for his important words.

A quiet voice struggled through the folds of the hood.

‘Trick or treat gran?’

(147 words) 'Expectantt'

Poised Pen Anthology 2014 'Half Baked'

Half Baked

I am a member of a great little writing group in Liverpool called Poised Pen. Of course I am. Have been involved for just over a year now and it has been going from strength to strength.

New Cover (small)

One of this years highlights was always going to be having our anthology printed and it has been great to see. I was happy to be involved in the book, including the use of my photos for the cover. Of course that proved a double edge sword. Still, the cover was of the Fly in the Loaf pub sign, for it is here that we hold our meetings. Little did we know that between sending it to print and getting it back the pub would refit including getting rid of the sign. Never has a brand new book become outdated before it has even hit the streets!

I also endeavoured to get an electronic version up on Amazon too. That would be an e-book, or more precisely a Kindle ebook then. Boy it is not perfect, particularly a couple of the poems and I am sorry for that, but formatting for the kindle is not a matter of putting in tabs or spaces, more's the pity. But notwithstanding some of its limitations I must say I am very proud of the book our group has put together and seeing it on Amazon - out of date cover and all - is well boss!

If you fancy a copy, and a chance to read poems and short stories by 13 of our writers, then get thee to that there
evil behemoth with your 99p.


Visdatre #65 | The Sunshine Boys

Angela's Visdare #65 was 'Golden', and the pic was of three lads kicking back in a mediterranean city.


The Sunshine Boys

Thwarted by angles and physics the sun was usually unable to penetrate the steep urban gorge, but for twenty minutes each evening the sunshine was allowed in. It was here the three children met daily to soak up the solar power at this short magic time.

Raul looked down at his two young pals, ‘Never looks the same this place. All angles, colours and streaks.’

The grey drab street provided a welcome cool oasis from the city heat in the day, but the golden time was what made it most special for the friends before their mothers would begin calling them home.

‘Just feels relaxing to me, quiet and comforting,’ said Luis. ‘Warm and bright.’

Xavi, toying around with a piece of plaster looked up, ‘It’s like a natural cathedral to me. I feel closer to god,’ he said.

Raul kicked him, ‘You're such an idiot!’


Visdare #63 | 'The Rocks'

Angela's Visdare #63 was 'Poison', and the pic was a lady in a bottle. Contortion.


The Rocks

Colin rubbed his arms vigorously as his legs bounced in staccato rhythms.

The floor. ‘Keep looking at the floor,’ Colin said.

His head spasmed violently.

The floor.

Colin’s head was facing his feet, but his eyes were not toeing the line.

The table.

‘Don’t look at the table,’ Colin snapped at himself, but the floor was already lost to him and his head rose following his eyes lead.

The table. Don’t focus on it, look at the legs, not the table top.


But Colin caught a glance at the bottle.

‘Stop it!’ he shouted.

It was hopeless and the bottle started to grow larger, until it filled his vision.

Curved and sensuous the bottle was his beautiful baby. His lady. His mistress.

She called to him.


He knew it was poison but his gorgeous lady was calling him. His siren on the rocks was choosing him.

(148 words)