Mar 2014

"Covert" | Visdare #54

The Football Match

Going back to 1890s Woolwich to watch his beloved Arsenal had seemed a great idea when Danny initially discovered the device. Arriving in Victorian London his first surprise was the volume of mud and shit overtopping his shoes.

At the match his excitement was forgotten as he became transfixed by a nearby spectator that looked exactly like his dad. Danny couldn’t just approach the man, so decided on performing a covert operation. After the game he stalked him for hours through the London streets gleaning information to take back home. His brother’s ancient university coat and the hat from the fancy dress hire did a grand job protecting Danny’s face from mud splatters and the bitter cold - the coat also hid his 1970 Brazil top from any prying eyes.

        He was beginning to consider that maybe his dad hadn’t
“run off with some floozy” like his mum had thought.

(150 words)
Visdare #54 'Covert'

"Words" - My Non-Trifecta Trifecta

This was my first Trifecta attempt today, before I thought I should write something more directly about Trifecta! (see Farewell Trifecta)


Judge Rodgerson recapped the shocking litany of crimes Sophie had committed. She felt naked before the court as the words washing over her, through her, etching into her flesh and bones. Exciting her.

"The End of the Mystery Tour" - Farewell Trifecta

So this weeks Trifecta is the last ever. Sad of course, but it has been a fine institution to have had some involvement in, and I'm sure we'll see each other around the great flashisphere. Fare thee well!

This weeks Trifecta challenge was open. Really open. Only one rule - 33 words. I told you, that is open. So without a prompt I don't know where mine came from! Never you mind maybe it is obvious, here it is - "The End of the Mystery Tour" (all 33 words):

The End of the Mystery Tour

The mystery tour took in a heady mix of creations from warped minds and isolated genius. Moments and grand visions crystalised into perfect bite size chunks. The trip stuttered jarringly between shifting realities.


"Misplaced" | Visdare #53

Angela's Visdare this week was brought to you by the word 'Misplaced' and a very creepy Jane Jetson!

Photo Source


She’d loved the Jetson’s, the black and white era giving way to primary colour future - where all things were possible.

I’m going to be Jane Jetson when I grow up,” Katy had said.

        Now day and night June traced the position of the International Space Station across the sky. Following its course on the internet, always looking up for it when it passed over.

        Each morning June carefully cleaned her Jane Jetson with a damp cloth making sure it was spotless. Its plastic face staring blankly out of the window at mundane reality.

‘I saw the ISS last night, it was beautiful,’ June said, dabbing its cold white cheeks. ‘One day babe you’ll fly in space.’

        As always June spent the day scouring the news, whilst Katy’s mummified remains lay encased within her plastic tomb. June didn’t consider her confidence misplaced, her baby’s resurrection was surely just tomorrows headline away.

(150 words 'Misplaced')


"Satisfy" - Trifecta Week 114

This weeks Trifecta is another 33 word challenge to include the use of 'Satisfy'


The Jaipur

‘It is love,’ Kev said.
‘Is it really the only one that can satisfy you?’ said Tom.
Kev picked up the Jaipur reverentially, savouring its aromas, the look on his face confirming everything.

"The Introduction" - Trifecta #104

It is sad to see that Trifecta is to close at the end of March, but these weekly challenges take up a lot of time for those that organise and judge them. My hat goes off to everyone involved in it for their work over the last couple of years in providing these opportunities to write and meet with some wonderful writers.

In this week's Trifecta #104 it was another 33 word challenge and needed to include a palindrome. Mine is below:

The Introduction

Charlie turned to the camera, seeming to look into the very souls of his watching public. He shuffled his papers, assumed his trademark smirk, ‘Today, we bring evil live to you.... Piers Morgan…’


"Testing Times" - Visdare #52

Another great photo from Angela over at Visdare along with the word "Ingenious". Where will the photo take you on your 150 words journey? My story 'Testing Times' is below:

Photo source

Testing Times

All the grand children, nieces and nephews loved visiting the dynamic Uncle Sylvester - he was always "Uncle". He’d lavish attention on every child; draw them pictures, tell jokes, write funny poems, and (best of all) devise games. In short, he wasn’t like other adults.

The "privy climb", held deep in the garden undergrowth, was the simplest and yet quite the most fun for the boys. He’d leave timbers out for the children to clamber onto the redundant outhouses.

Sylvester was sly by name and nature though. The game was his inventive way to nudge the children towards healthy activities. Each night Sly carefully selected the timbers based on the children’s age and height. Any who couldn’t climb were not fit enough and any who broke the timber were obviously well past their recommended BMI.

Sylvester gave prizes to all the children who succeeded. Any that failed got no dinner. Ingenious!

(150 words)

"Freewheeling" - Visdare #51

Another great photo from Angela over at Visdare for No.51. Where will the photo take you on your 150 words journey? My story 'Freewheeling' is below:



Paula freewheeled along the runway like she was under some invisible propulsion.

        Alongside her in the car David shouted, ‘I don’t know how she does that!’

        ‘Does what?’ Rob said, as he tried to stop the wind wresting away his cap.

        ‘She’s accelerating. This runway, it’s flat.’

        Rob looked at her feet on the handlebars then shrugged. ‘Must be being dragged by the car.’

        ‘Look at her, never looks like she has a care in the world.’

        ‘Like the world’s one big joke and she’s the only one in on it,’ agreed Rob.

        They both loved her of course. Every man - and a few women - in their town did.

        Paula rocked her head back laughing heartily.

        David saw the reality of her being, pressed the accelerator to the floor and steered for the fuel depot. Rob screamed.

        Paula grinned as the mothership lowered over the airfield. The invasion had begun.

(150 words) Visdare 'Carefree'

'Half a Heartbeat' - Trifecta #105

Trifecta Writing Challenge this week was brought to you by 'worm' and required exactly 33 words.

Half a Hearbeat

If there was even a sniff of gossip Edith Bassenthwaite became a phenomenon to behold. She could worm it out of the toughest characters in a heartbeat. The headhunting by MI5 was inevitable.

(33 words)