May 2013

The Poised Pen

Went to my first Poised Pen meeting last night at Attic on Parr Street. With it being half term it was a small but perfectly formed meeting. It seems well organised and the people there were nice so will definitely return.

No ale in Attic but some nice bottled beers. Had a couple of bottles of Flying Dog 'Doggie Style' Pale Ale.

The Dragon's Pen

One of my Flash Fiction stories "the Segway Avatars" got on the Long List on the Writing on the Wall Flash: In the Dark competition - second year out of two. Got to read it out at the final at the Rodewald Suite in the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, which was a bit nerve racking. Reading and talk from Ramsey Campbell was interesting while the performance by Les Malheureux was fab fun.


Last night I gave a 'pitch' for a story called 'Fergie Time' at the Dragon's Pen event at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. A bit rabbit in the headlights, but it was certainly worth doing and ultimately really enjoyed it. The pitch was in front of an audience and four Dragons, namely; Al Kennedy (novelist); Esther Wilson (playwright), Kate Haldane (multi-media agent), and Gordon Wise (literary agent).

Had some really nice feedback from the Dragons and from the audience, just need to write the thing now…!

The week before I went to see Pete Brown talking about his book, 'Shakespeare's Local' at the Fly in the Loaf, which was part of the In Other Words literary festival. Nice talk, and nice guy. Took him down to the Roscoe Head and the Dispensary for a pint or two afterwards. Another book to buy.

Read the:

  • Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • This is Water by David Foster Wallace

Both recommended. Currently reading the 'Short History of England' by Simon Jenkins.