Nov 2014

Flash Dogs Anthology

Flash Dogs Anthology

All the stories are in apparently and the guys at Flash Dogs Head Quarters are doing lots of work. Really looking forward to seeing the first Flash Dogs Anthology. It is going to be boss.

Loving the various bits of art work that have been produced by the clever peeps involved within the Flash Dog pack. There's such a good lot of aceness about the group. Watch this space to see when the Flash Dogs Anthology is out.

Art from @tamrogers

Will be putting together the Poised Pen scary story competition anthology shortly too. Just waiting for a bit of information to complete it.

More anthologies than you can shake a stick at. Should you be a big stick shaker.


Flash! Fiction Friday - Judging

Poised Pen - Flash! Friday Judging

Rebekah at Flash! Friday asked Poised Pen writing group to review the stories for Friday 21st November 2014 so Catherine and I were tasked with the judging. It was an interesting experience for me as my first try at judging. Think it will affect how I write my stories a little in the future. Most notably with such short stories it was noted how much a decent title was important. An ill thought word, line or title can jar quite noticeably and can be the difference between a yay or nay!

We were half expecting a lot of the
Flash Dogs to double up on entries so were relieved to find it was a relatively quiet week with only 64 stories to read. There was a lot of death, lots of dogs, no dragons, a few references to HMV and some interesting tech. Of course there was some blatant nods to Liverpool with Beatles and Liverpool FC getting a few mentions. One even used Hey Jude as the title - the number one when I was born - suspect cyber stalking!

So on Sunday we agreed on the Winners, Runners-Ups and Mentions, then Catherine did her magic with the detailed reviews (a lot more correct than mine would be - not sure a geologist has the right words).


The stories for Week 2-50 were based on the photograph of Caruso with a phonograph (above) and as a nod to the Flash Dogs needed to include a puppy. Woof!!

results were sent on to Rebekah on Monday morning (UK time) and hey presto! there was a new winner and he's Flash Dog too. Woof woof!! Well done Chris Milam.


Luminous Creatures

Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness - Week 2

Luminous Creatures are running a weekly challenge at the moment and I've been lucky enough to be chosen for a story I did in Week 2 called 'Potential Energy' and I will be published in their anthology. Yippee!

Some fabulous winners there including some Flash Dogs. The winners that week included; Mark A. King, Nancy Chenier and David Borrowdale.

LC medal