Winter of Whimsy & Wyrdness - Week 7

Luminous Creatures, Winter of Whimsy & Wyrdness - Last Week

Put up my story for the last week of
Luminous Creature's - Week 7 -'Winter of Whimsy & Wyrdness.'

A copy of the story is provided below (along with my blocky version of the picture - The Glow). Click on the pic to go to Luminous Creatures Week 7 entries - and see the proper pic.

I completed my first
Mid-Week Blues Buster yesterday for ten months or so. Click on MWBB to go to the site.


The Incredible Lightness of Unbeing

The plaza had been bathed in the white sun of summer and Juan welcomed the exit north along the cool shaded gorge of Calle San Felipe. The basalt setts had been washed black by a hit and run shower and were as shiny as jet and the returning sun was making the oranges and blues of the shop walls vivid. Juan felt he was walking into a Mondrian vision of a townscape.

Juan was struck by the two men walking on the opposite side of the street both wearing the same light blue scarves. He was sure that they had been together when they had come around the bend, but were now walking apart as if they were trying to appear they weren’t together.

The thinner man was burying his face behind his collar and scarf and the fat man had pulled his hat down far too tight to look comfortable. He was carrying a battered leather bag which looked strained by its contents.

Juan couldn’t work out what was wrong but lost interest in the characters after they’d passed each other. Then he observed a third man who seemed to be walking between doorways in a caricature of a private investigator surreptitiously tailing his prey.

This man in black pulled into the door of the art shop almost opposite Juan, adjusting his sunglasses so he could see in the darkened shadows. Juan was now sure that he was following the men and he turned to look for them. They’d reached the plaza and he saw them nod to each other before they turned and walked quickly in opposite directions - the man had a decision to make now. Juan thought the fat man would be the easiest to catch, but it would depend what he had in the bag; books, maybe guns, or some cheeses stolen from the delicatessen just up the road?

The man looked at his watch as he stepped out from the doorway and walked to Juan.

“You must stop here. Walk back to the plaza.” said the man, pointing the obvious way.

Juan didn’t move. He noticed that the man had a mic and an earpiece in. He also saw the gun holster.

“I said...”

Juan nodded. “What’s happening? What’s going on?”

As the man looked to answer they turned to look up the street as a strange high-pitch ringing began. They clamped their hands to their heads, falling to their knees in agony as blood glugged out of their ears.

They saw a burning glow at the end San Felipe, painful to their eyes. It seemed to engulf everything, the buildings disappeared.

Uselessly Juan shouted.

The intense light grew steadily expanding in a walking pace explosion down the road, consuming all and heading towards the helpless men. The noise became deeper, crackling and popping as matter disappeared in an insane magical show - a reverse big bang. The man in black and Juan looked into each others eyes accepting this strange death before becoming light.

(500 words)

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