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Recent Weeks

I've been quietly prolific over the last month or so with entries all over the place in
Flash Friday, Angry Hourglass, Microbookends, 3Line Thursday and even Luminous Creatures.

Been getting a few honourable or special mentions and even runner up places. So not been doing bad at all.

As these all get posted on the respective websites I will post a few of the stories up here shortly for posterity.


Writing, Still

Just to assure you - as I am sure you've been worried - but I am still writing. Haven't been putting anything up here for a while though have I? Well, that coincides with having to take on a ridiculously long houred job.

But I have still been submitting stories on
Flash Friday Fiction, Microbookends and the like. I had a third place in Microbookends the Thursday before last, which was nice with such a rush job. Still, it is one of the badges I need to get my hands on.


Talking of badges I have submitted stories every Friday in January and every week bar one in February so I have the new shiny '
Ring of Fire' badge. Huzzah! It's a pretty big club and is full of wonderful people of course - check them all out on the Wall of Flame.


Another Quick Flash Thursday!

After a long day I got home tired. But decided I must try and get some bits out for Thursday, which is fast becoming 'Flash Fiction Log Jam Thursday' due to all the challenges which come out.
Pleased to be able to get three out for:

And tomorrow of course it is Flash! Friday. Huzzah. I need another win there at some point, but I know it'll be damn tough - all the other writerers are just too damn fine!


Flash Week: Microbookends, FFF and AH

Well, I didn't have a really prolific week last week. Started some or thought I'd do a few more - like Finish That Thought and Thursday Threads - but in the end last week just saw me finishing Microbookends, Flash Fiction Friday and Angry Hourglass. The latter two are the ones I am keenest to try and do come what may!

Microbookends I couldn't format as I wanted as I wasn't sure how to put it into the correct HTML code as I wanted it presented in four columns. I had to present it as a single column instead. Ho hum. Anyway the way I wanted it to look is below. The piece as ever has to start and end with the prompted words - in this case Peace and Prize - and be between 90 and 110 words.

A-Z of War and Peace: X and Make Up


I managed to get
Flash Fiction Friday done. And was quite happy with it. Though someone pointed out that the last minute addition of the footnote had taken me over the word count. Which is a shame because it didn't need the note - though I quite liked it. (more ho humming).

As for the
Angry Hourglass I've no ho humming. Just up against some very talented guys and gals (very very well attended by the Flash Dogs).


Second for a Second Week


Put up my second story for
Microbookends after a relatively successful second place last week. And what happened this week? Well, second place once again.

Second place is nowhere - who said that? - well I'll take it as being
pretty fine.

Microbookends is a challenge where you are given the first and last word of the piece (90 to 110 words) and a photo prompt.

The two stories are re-presented here:


Christmas: Plausible Deniability

Explosive devices and a class of five year olds would have created less of a mess in her kitchen than Sue had.

She stood in the centre of the blast zone, pulling her hair, trying to recall why she’d volunteered to have Christmas at her house.

The phone rang three times - the signal that David had picked up his mum and was on his way.

She could hardly imagine the reaction her mother-in-law would have when she saw the kitchen chaos - Dick Cheney could take top tips from her interrogation and torture techniques. Sue cried trying to imagine an excuse - with plausible deniability - for such epic disorder.

(109 words) December 11th 2014 - Came second.


Kat’s Magic Spoons

Rating Kat’s chance of finding all his homemade dinosaur eggs as a long way south of negligible Sam sat back on the porch and laughed.

Kat waltzed theatrically out into the garden and spun around to look at Sam.

"You wanna double up on that bet?" She shouted.

Sam laughed. "A fool and her money." He nodded.

Kat pulled out the spoons and within fifteen minutes all ten of the lurid plastic dinosaurs were laid out in front of Sam.

"Incredible." he said. "How did ya do it, really?"

"Magical spoons, Sam. They can do anything. Some day I’m gonna use them to solve the mysteries of the solar system."

18 December - 110 words - Came second again!


Quick Flash Thursday

Flash Fiction Thursday!

Wrote some super quick submissions late this afternoon - well quick for me anyway - for Micro Bookends and Thursday Threads.

Still have to consider whether to submit another story for
Luminous Creatures and Mid Week Blues Buster. Then of course tomorrow it is Flash! Fiction Friday. There really can be too many challenges! Quick maybe the only way to go.

The Luminous Creatures challenge is tempting with another chance to get a story published in their chapbook in the new year. The image for it by
Christian Miller is evocative:

theglow copy

Micro Bookends
Thursday Threads