Flash Dogs in Paperback!

Well blow me down with a feather, the Flash Dogs Anthology (Volume 1) is now available in paperback. Yes, an actual book, paper and ink bound together with a really cool cover. Flip! The guys and gals at Flash Dog HQ kept this very close to their respective chests and announced this on Saturday. Thanks FDHQ, mucho kudos.

For the princely sum of £7.99 you get 332 pages of actual paper. It'll look mighty fine on your bookshelf too.


Not a Bad Couple of Days

Flip first week of 2015 and not a bad week from the words perspective…

1. First publication of 2015 - the Luminous Creatures '
Five Hundred Words of Magic' on Amazon
2. Published in Sirens Call eZine #18 '
Scriptum in Morte'
Won 13 free books from Specsavers twitter competition - selection from 2014 National Book Awards.
4. Came 2nd in
Angry Hourglass today!

Not bad eh!

Aims this year… want to win an
Angry Hourglass and Microbookends competition - and would love a second Flash Fiction Friday win. Need to identify another couple of competitions to go for and see if I can win something that I get paid for - now that would be ridiculous!

Now if I can just get a lottery win (or decent short hour well paid job to allow me to write some) and get rid of this damn ear infection.

Sirens Call

It's been an almost prolific couple of days for me what with Five Hundred Words of Magic going on to Amazon at the weekend and today the 'Sirens Call - Issue 18 Scriptum in Morte' eZine has been published online. As well as myself there is also a story from @fallintofiction another member of the Poised Pen writing group - so Poised Pen has done very well there.

Sirens Call is in pdf form, or can just be viewed online, and is free! So here's your link:


Five Hundred Words of Magic - Luminous Creatures

Luminous Creatures have just published the 'Five Hundred Words of Magic' for Kindle on Amazon and I'm chuffed to have a couple of stories in it - 'Potential Energy' and 'Sideways'. These stories were from the Weeks 2 and 5 picture prompts from their competition 'Winter of Whymsy and Wydrdness'.

There are plenty of Flash Dogs in there of course and two Poised Pen isn't a bad showing either.

Click below to go to the Amazon (UK) page. I've just downloaded it myself. Looking forward to seeing it on the Kindle (and the chapbook later in the month too!).


Luminous Creatures Website