Thursday Threads

Another Quick Flash Thursday!

After a long day I got home tired. But decided I must try and get some bits out for Thursday, which is fast becoming 'Flash Fiction Log Jam Thursday' due to all the challenges which come out.
Pleased to be able to get three out for:

And tomorrow of course it is Flash! Friday. Huzzah. I need another win there at some point, but I know it'll be damn tough - all the other writerers are just too damn fine!


Quick Flash Thursday

Flash Fiction Thursday!

Wrote some super quick submissions late this afternoon - well quick for me anyway - for Micro Bookends and Thursday Threads.

Still have to consider whether to submit another story for
Luminous Creatures and Mid Week Blues Buster. Then of course tomorrow it is Flash! Fiction Friday. There really can be too many challenges! Quick maybe the only way to go.

The Luminous Creatures challenge is tempting with another chance to get a story published in their chapbook in the new year. The image for it by
Christian Miller is evocative:

theglow copy

Micro Bookends
Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads

Thursday Threads

Submitted a story I wrote largely in the Caledonia and hey presto! a win and a new challenge badge for me. Huzzah! The Thursday Threads flash fiction challenge takes a line from the previous winning story, which you then need to include within your story and so on and on. Like a thread hey!

My story is reproduced below, or you can link through to the Thursday Threads site and read all the stories by clicking on the badge. The sentence which needed to be included was: '
You watched the whole thing?'

ThursThreads Winner 200

The Laughing Dog
Brian’s job description had recently been expanded to beyond acceptable. After the side boob incident on the six o’clock news he’d been tasked with reviewing every little excerpt supplied from the multitude smartphone images rolling in from the public. It was impossible.
“Consider it a new KPI,” Marriot had said, “Zero side boobs - or cock ups - on the pre-watershed news and you may keep your job. Otherwise it’ll be your bits shown on the news the following day. Capiche?”
He couldn’t afford another default - but it was a hopeless task as every sad little clip got fired through to Brian for vetting.
Kate - his long term crush at work - sent him a video with a dog in it. It had four asterisks in the subject line suggesting it was important. He clicked on it straight away and there was the drooling dog nodding along with a song from One Direction. It was cute he had to admit, but it was not newsworthy, so he quickly exited and went on to the next useless footage (some cop shooting a gang banger - no-one would be interested).
Brian worried about his house. He picked his stories and emailed them through to the news desk. Shortly afterwards he received a text from Kate - ‘You watched it all the way through?’
He laughed. How much time did she think he had?
Come six o’clock and FAB News was the only channel not to feature the dancing dog suddenly being devoured by that hideous alien.