Not a Bad Couple of Days

Flip first week of 2015 and not a bad week from the words perspective…

1. First publication of 2015 - the Luminous Creatures '
Five Hundred Words of Magic' on Amazon
2. Published in Sirens Call eZine #18 '
Scriptum in Morte'
Won 13 free books from Specsavers twitter competition - selection from 2014 National Book Awards.
4. Came 2nd in
Angry Hourglass today!

Not bad eh!

Aims this year… want to win an
Angry Hourglass and Microbookends competition - and would love a second Flash Fiction Friday win. Need to identify another couple of competitions to go for and see if I can win something that I get paid for - now that would be ridiculous!

Now if I can just get a lottery win (or decent short hour well paid job to allow me to write some) and get rid of this damn ear infection.

Finish That Thought

Finish That Thought - Win

Woke up this morning to find that my story for Alissa Leonard's Finish That Thought (2-23) on Tuesday had been chosen as the winner! Boy that is damn fine; my first full win FTF - have won the Special Challenge before.


The judge was one
Tamara Shoemaker one of the FlashDogs - we do get about don't we! Tamara's in depth reviews of all the stories were well, in depth. She was judging as she'd won the week before, which means - you guessed it - that I get to judge next week. Eek! My first solo judging - following the duel judging of Flash Fiction Friday a couple of weeks ago with fellow Poised Penner and Flash Dog @fallintofiction.

Finish that Thought is a weekly challenge held every Tuesday over a 24 hour period. It is for up to 500 words and the first line is provided by the judge. In addition the Special Challenge is given to add specific elements into the story - in this case it was the addition of at least 3 specific literary characters. Links to the website and Alissa's Twitter below:

Finish That Thought

The story is reproduced below:

Death: Hand Delivered

Three strangers appeared on my doorstep and in their pockets they bought death; and I welcomed them.

“Here you go, mister.” said tall hoodie.

One of the two mini hoodies handed me the packets.

“Thanks.” I nodded.

Their faces were covered in shadow, which was the point - the lack of eye contact was welcome.

“Anything for us, mate?” asked the second mini hoodie.

He looked nervous as he shuffled from side to side; unsure of his role.

“It’s all been paid for.” I said to the taller boy.

“Don’t mind him,” he said. “Thinks he’s delivering a chinese him.”

The younger lad stepped back with a shrug.

The taller said, “It’s why we have the on the job training. He’ll learn.”

A rye smile passed my face as a gust of wind blew rain into the doorway as if a full bucket had been thrown over us.

“You better get of and out of this.” I said. With that I closed the door on them and to the world.

In the kitchen I finished making a tea I knew I wouldn’t drink; the wine bottle was calling. It was just plonk, but I always liked the brand and it would be a shame to waste.

The packets were scrunched up by the glass to look something smaller - less important. I picked them up with the wine.

The plonk went down easily as one by one the packets were left to drop on the floor empty. My head began to feel protected from the world; fuzzy. The TV was muted, but I could hear people talking in low voices.

Blue lights from another disastrous day at Casualty flashed through the room turning it into a silent disco. Deep bass began throbbing through the walls in time with my heart.

Harry Potter shouted something from behind the bookshelf and a blue white electric flash scalded my eyes as he fought against something behind me. I couldn’t turn to see, but nothing came for me - I knew Harry had won. He always did.

I heard a crash, as someone broke in through the slide doors. They must have been waiting for me to be off my guard. I caught a glimpse of something behind the chair. I could make out the tip of a bow and knew instinctively it was Katniss. Was she was hunting me or whatever was behind me? Perhaps Harry hadn’t beaten the beast. I was confused, I couldn’t remember how Harry knew Katniss.

Despite the noise I was drifting. I could see snow, it must have been coming in since Katniss broke the back door. So much snow and I could smell tobacco.

My eyes closed then I heard a resonant voice from the kitchen.

“Watson, I believe this untouched mug of tea is the key to the entire case.”

I felt warm breath on my cheek. The last thing I heard was another voice.

“By Jove! Holmes, there’s a lady collapsed in the lounge with barely a pulse.”
(500 words)


Sirens Call eZine

Sirens Call

Made up this morning to find that my first submission to the Sirens Call eZine has been accepted. No badge for that, but my piece will be in the next edition of Sirens Call. It is on the subject of death, which funnily enough - or not - is the subject of today's Finish That Thought.

The Sirens Call eZine features a fabulous selection of short stories, flash fiction, poetry and art work.

Check out previous editions on their website:

Sirens Call 250W copy
Sirens Call

Luminous Creatures 2

Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness - Week 5


Following a little success a couple of weeks ago (okay Week 2) of Luminous Creatures '
Winter of Whimsy & Wyrdness' I managed to be selected again in Week 5. Woo hoo - on a roll! Click on the links to read it and the other stories.

I got me another badge then, albeit one I already had. It has me in the mood to collect some new ones.

Didn't get selected for the
Flash Fiction Friday FLASHIVERSARY competition. Disappointed after getting into Top 10 last year. Onwards and Upwards! Good to see one of the Poised Pen group getting into the semi final though @fallintofiction

Also on the downside I've no sign of a new job yet. Still sending of the CVs for both career jobs and just job jobs. Fingers crossed folks.

Luminous Creatures

Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness - Week 2

Luminous Creatures are running a weekly challenge at the moment and I've been lucky enough to be chosen for a story I did in Week 2 called 'Potential Energy' and I will be published in their anthology. Yippee!

Some fabulous winners there including some Flash Dogs. The winners that week included; Mark A. King, Nancy Chenier and David Borrowdale.

LC medal

A Tale and the Ale | Flash Fiction Friday

A Tale and the Ale - Flash Fiction Friday

I've been doing Flash Fiction on and off for about three years now and more consistently over the last year. Recently I've largely been doing Visdare and Flash Friday Fiction. Last Friday I wrote a little rushed story for Flash Fiction Friday called '
The Race'.

I started writing it in the Belvedere pub and finished on my return before going to bed, having had a couple of pints of Hank (Tiny Rebel Brewery) and one Trapper's Hat (Brimstage Brewery) And lo! I only went and won it this week.

The next day I also took a minute and a half of my jogging time around Prince's Park. So
Trapper's Hat and Hank are now my best writing and running buddies!

Anyhow if you fancy reading my little story it's over on the Flash Friday site so pop on over by clicking on my beautiful winners badge ;-)

And if you're going to give it a go this week I'd thoroughly recommend a nice hoppy ale. Or two.



"The Eighth Work" - Race the Date


The Eighth Work

Thaksin was late for college, but ambled out his bedroom without any urgency. He needed breakfast.

        ‘Thaki, have you heard? Well, of course you haven’t.’ his mother said, ‘They’ve done it again!’

        His dad looked up from the television, ‘Or
he has, I’m not sure it’s a they.’

        Thaksin yawned a chasm, scratched his balls then grabbed for the coffee jug.

        ‘What are you talking about dad?’

        His dad pointed at the television, ‘They said there’d be eight works and they’ve been true to their word. Look son that
Muay Thai has painted a whole wall of the Palace.’

        Thaksin could feel the room shudder. As the coffee began to work he realised it was his mother jumping up and down next to him. ‘This is amazing, I can’t believe they - or he - has got away with it. I know the paintings are good, but this is a pure political punch in the guts.’

        ‘Perhaps a blow to the head,’ said his dad, ‘They chose their name well “
The Art of Eight Limbs” - clever!’

        Glaring at Thaksin from the screen the stark black and white painting was beautiful to behold, he loved the contrast with the ubiquitous reds and golds of the palace. Work, poverty and death presented as an eastern Guernica. On such a venue no one could question its meaning.

        Thaksin slurped his coffee and noticed some paint flecks on his knuckles he’d missed earlier. His thumbnail removed the last of the flecks and Muay Thai was gone.

        It was Muay Thai’s masterpiece - and legacy - copycat art quickly popped up around the country, then across Asia. As the Arab Spring had spread around the Mediterranean years earlier, so the Artist Revolution began in Bangkok with the work of a little unknown artist who couldn’t fight for toffee.

(299 words)
Race the Date “Muay Thai” 6th January 2014

This Story WON the Race the Date this week. My first Flash Fiction win of 2014 - so I'm chuffed to little mint balls, I am.