Visdare #88 - Ordinary

It's been an age since I've done Visdare. It was a lovely picture this week. But I've left it too late to think about properly so rushed out a bit of a tale. A reminder that with Visdare there are no winners (or losers - which is handy) and that the maximum word count is 150.
The word this week was '
Ordinary' and the photo was a little unusual - an elephant brushing up against a tea drinking woman - who of course ignores said elephant. You couldn't make it up.


The Patience of an Elephant

It’s not a bad life I suppose, but it’s not proper - I wasn’t born into this. Here I am away from my home living a leisurely life; soaking up the rays, wallowing in water brought up by servants, eating apples and drinking tea. Pretty much the same as ‘Her Royal Elegance’.

I’m supposed to be in the jungle with my family growing up, perhaps having little elephants of my own eventually. But no, Colonel Gordon Foster-Sinclair (the third) had to hunt.

An orphan they call me. They look after me like the child they never had; as if that is ordinary. They call me cute, feed me fruit, which makes me fart (I’m glad to be able to keep my nose along way from my rear).

I despise the Colonel; his laugh, his guns.

Years from now - when I am giant - I’ll take my revenge. An elephant never forgets.

(150 words)

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