Jun 2013

Glastonbury tomorrow

Five nights in Glasto tends to involve a lot more cider than real ale. But there is ale there and there will be some drunk. I do like the Bimble Inn which is now up in the Park stage area. Can see me spending an hour or two there tomorrow night to get an ale down and catch a couple of the small acts that will be about then. A nice calm start to the proceedings.


St Helens Pub Crawl

After putting together the two Liverpool walks I've produced one for nearby St Helens. It's a nice cheap place to have a pint with prices between £1.95 and £2.50 a pint!

It's not a Liverpool, York or Ludlow but it's worth an afternoon.

Click on this for the St Helens Crawl Map

Fine Fyne Fest Festival

Arrived at Fyne Fest at 2pm after the couple of days in Glasgow. Nice drive. And nice to see that the Rest and Be Thankful was open this time!

Set up the tent pretty quickly and was with Jarl in no time!


Sunshine day!

The beers on offer (£1.60 for a half) were all gorgeous. Lots of IPAs and Pale Ales and a few stouts for me. A very happy boy.

The music at the festival was top draw too. Shooglenifty got the whole tent dancing, even me! Okay, it may have been the Jaipur that got me dancing.

Fyne Fest!!

20 Months or so I happened upon Cairndow on the sad occasion of going to my uncle's funeral in Campbeltown. Cairndow was the home of Fyne Ales and I knew I'd go back at some point. It so happens that I was to be up in Scotland for the Neil Young gig in Glasgow on Thursday, so it was providential that their annual FyneFest festival on the banks of Loch Fyne is the same week.

So I've booked a ticket for the festival including camping! Will be my first camping trip of at least four this year, with Glastonbury two weeks later, Bishop's Castle beer festival and End of the Road Festival too. Beer and music. Great combinations without a football in sight!

The Fyne Fest Angus with a pint of Jarl, probably

Grapes, Roscoe Street

I am led to understand that the Grapes on Roscoe Street has reopened after being closed for a week or so. Not verified it yet myself, but will take a look later in the week. Yet to hear any update on what's happening with MelloMello, apart from it being burgled last week.