Mar 2013

Liverpool Pub of the Year 2013

Liverpool Pub of the Year - or POTY - has been chosen as Stamps Too, on South Road in Waterloo (far enough north of Liverpool that it's in Sefton). It is a great pub for ale quality (especially LocAles including Liverpool Organic Brewery and Southport Brewery). It was the first place I ever came across Liverpool Organic and is worth a place in my heart for that fact alone.

It's also a good pub for live music. Seen some good bands there, including some great stuff from the legendary Kappa. So real ale and music, two of my loves ticked off. Fab! Whenever I go drinking in Waterloo it is the first pub I go to and the one I leave from too.

That said I'm not satisfied with the method the pub was chosen to be our best pub in Liverpool. The voting was skewed ridiculously toward the suburban pubs by making voters choose just one city centre pub and one pub from the suburbs. Of course many of the drinkers of Liverpool would have four or five pubs in the city above the suburban ones (I come from the real ale desert of north Liverpool that is Fazakerley). There will be many who've never had a drink in StampsToo, the Volunteer, Willowbank or the Edinburgh. Trying to make sure that these are considered is fine but rigging the voting system is not the answer - Ben Goldacre would have a fit looking at the statistics of it.

I picked Stamps Too as my Suburb Pub (though asked on another day I may have said the Willowbank) but it wouldn't have been in my top three Liverpool pubs (which is what we were asked for last year). Clearly the reason to ask for us to vote for a suburban pub reduced the importance of the city centre pubs to a point where the votes really didn't matter. So hat's of to the member(s) who decided last year that Stamps Too should win this year. As dodgy as a mid term political boundary change or a Rotten Borough this result was engineered. It's a good Liverpool pub and I will continue to enthuse about the place and go there, but is it the best pub in Liverpool?

Incidentally my top ten Liverpool pubs:

  1. Dispensary
  2. Caledonia
  3. Lion
  4. Stamps Too
  5. Belvedere
  6. Peter Kavanagh's
  7. Roscoe
  8. Willowbank
  9. Little Grapes
  10. Ship


Liverpool Beer Fest

Had a great time last week at the Liverpool Beer Festival as ever. Lots of fab IPAs and Stouts. Highlight though? Grabbing the photo opportunity with John Aldridge. Class and a Glass!

Today off to Wigan Beer Festival. Only photo opportunity expected is with a pie.