May 2013

Liverpool Pub Walk #2

After updating the first of the two pub walks yesterday I've managed to finish the second one too. This one covers the central area of the city centred around the area between St George's Hall and the Town Hall along and near to Dale Street.

Some of the pubs are obvious choices like the Ship, Lion and Rigby's, some of the others could arguably be changed for alternates. So feel free to mix and match with the others in the list. There are plenty of Wetherspoon's in the area for instance and on any given day they may have some good beers on, at their usual more than competitive prices. That said the service in several of these are less than satisfactory at the moment.

One pub which hasn't made my walks but could easily be added to either is the Baltic Fleet. This is partly because of it's position, out on a bit of limb. I'd certainly recommend going in for one or two there, particularly if you are in the area visiting the Albert Dock or the Echo Arena.

The pubs I've put in are:
Ship, Vernon, Lion, Rigby's, Hole, Keys, Exchange, Cornmarket, White Star, Globe.
Could equally have been; Ship, Excelsior, Lion, Rigby's, Hole, Pig, Star, Richmond, Fall Well, Globe


Click on this see the walk (pdf format)

Liverpool Pub Walk #1

Have updated one of the two pub walks I developed a few years ago. This one covers ten decent real ale pubs from the area between Peter Kavanagh's and the Dispensary. I've put in the Grapes on Roscoe Street, but it is closed at the moment - it should re-open in the coming few weeks, hopefully.

The pubs:

Peter Ks; Cali; Bel; Phil; Fly; Pilgrim; Cracke; Grapes; Roscoe; Dizzy.

Click on this see the walk (pdf format)

Updating Crawls

I produced a couple of pub crawls or walks (to step slightly away from supposed negative connotations of crawls) for the Liverpool CAMRA website, back several years ago when I was involved with it.

Things have changed a little over the years so I am currently in the process of producing a couple of new ones, which I will post on here and via Twitter (which wasn't even going back in the day). Watch this space...

Cains Closure

Another year, another nightmare at Cains. In April the two Dusanj brothers announced a plan to redevelop the massive site of Cains Brewery for a mixed use 'village'. This would require outside investment and an interesting call from the planners.

Less than a month later and the brothers mothballed the brewery laying off 38 staff. It is understood that on the run up to the closure there was a cynical use of the staff by giving them lots of overtime and not allowing holidays, which now won't be paid to them. Like the use of administration last time, when only they could afford to use the site due to clever use of ownership of different elements of the Cains group, the company has done nothing to endear itself to the city. Such a shame for the name.

Last time Cains were in danger of disappearing there was a concerted effort to try and safe the locally iconic brewery. This time? I haven't heard anyone care about the brewery, that's not to say the jobs of course. In terms of beer and real ale in particular this part of the north west has very much changed with some great local breweries who have been about for a few years, like
George Wright, Liverpool Organic Brewery, Wapping and Brimstage joined by newer ones including Liverpool Craft, Melwood, and Mad Hatters.

These breweries are run by people who care about the beer and are producing some interesting ales, while Cains haven't been brewing cask ale in any quantities for some time. I miss the Cains cask mild, but I have for a few years now. So I for one won't be shedding a tear if this is the end of the story.

Caledonia Third Birthday

Not going to make it down to the Caledonia today for the Loose Moose String Band, but it will no doubt be a great atmosphere. The celebrations are bound to be bouncy with the nearly house band rocking the joint just days after the Caledonia has been saved from closure. Really pleased for Laura and the staff and of course for the punters!

Happy Birthday Caledonia, may there be many more!