New Beery Scrawls

I've had a busy week on the scrawlinghome blog. Following a great weekend at the Caledonia last week I then went on to volunteer at the Liverpool Organic Brewery Beer Festival in Liverpool city centre. The week has therefore led me to write the following three blogs;

Hope you like them!

IMG_7796 - Version 2

Wilson Potter & The Baum

Yesterday the Liverpool branch of CAMRA took a trip out east to Middleton and Rochdale. A few nice hours were spent at Wilson Potter Brewery somewhere hidden away in a Middleton industrial estate. First time I've ever had any of their ales. Tried a few - at £2 a pint why not?

Wilson Potter Brewery, Middleton

  • In the Black;
  • Ruby Red;
  • Bon Don Doon;
  • In Shreds.

Bon Don Doon was my favourite, the Ruby Red was nice, but not quite enough to grab me In the Black.


After leaving the brewery bar it was time for a rush to join the 'dewatering' queue (not just a geological term you know) and then head out in to a massive thunderstorm for the short hop to Rochdale to visit the Baum.

After the lightening all thirty or so of us headed in to the current CAMRA pub of the year -
The Baum. I'd visited here a couple of years ago before going to a Rochdale game (Rochdale v Charlton) with one of my EFW buddies. The staff were both plentiful and very friendly and their service was good and efficient. Our hosts Simon and Heidi were most welcoming. So along with a fair mix of ales I was a happy soul - I really enjoyed the Hop Angeles but the Yellow Dwarf was a little disappointing.

Ales and sample jars at the Baum

I liked the little colour bottles for showing of the appearance of the beer. Neat.

The Liverpool fans among us were disappointed that we couldn't watch the football there, but we didn't want to leave to go to a poorer pub to watch the game. A few us huddled around my iPhone with the SkyGo on it, unfortunately - whatever the size of the screen - it was a disappointing result.

It was the Halloween Cider & Perry Festival at the Baum

Would have liked to have stayed for a couple more at the Baum, but the coach can't wait all night.

Anyway cracking service, fine ales, good vibe - all that a pub should be. Should be winning awards this place.