V Festival 2013

I've been to a few V Festivals in my time, but stopped several years ago as it got ever more poppier and even more full of kids and scalls.


However on Friday night I managed to win two VIP tickets to V at Weston Park in Staffordshire. We didn't have much time to get ready, but being festival experts it didn't take long.

The upgrade to the VIP package cost us £20, which was well worth it as it got us into the lovely quiet area beside the lake. More importantly it got us away from the plastic portaloo lottery to porcelain and real bum paper heaven.

At £4.50 a pint drinking was slow to the point of getting thirsty. Ridiculous price for a festival - and with no real ale I was stuck with Strongbow for much of the weekend, other than a couple of pints of Guinness from the one bar that sold it (in the Gourmet area?). Rather confusingly the Guinness bar was called Black Sheep (it didn't even sell as much as a smooth flow monstrosity).

The bands playing at the festival were in the main remarkably poor and predominantly either pop or RnB (not Blues Brothers style unfortunately). So it was full of kids screaming to see Olly Murs, McFly, and Labrinth and the like. Pins, give me pins, to stick in my eyes!!


Still, there were a few good bands including Eels (given a paltry 35 minute slot!), Of Monsters and Men, and Kings of Leon. My highlight though was Eddie Izzard. Brilliant to get the chance to seem him and bit of his historical hysterics or hysterical historics. The tent was packed to bursting and we ended up watching sat in the sunshine on the screen with a pint of Guinness (Sunday was another sunshine festival day!).


Beyonce came on thirty minutes late, apparently in order that she could silence the boos. If she'd come on to the stage on time there would have been none to begin with. Screaming women seemed to wet themselves with excitement to see their heroine, which I just don't get. She gets up mimes to a few songs, dances, walks off while they put a video on, changes her clothes to something else scanty and sprawls around showing off her long legs and arse. Don't get me wrong, no problem with that from a visual (or male) perspective, but she does seem rather like a glorified table dancer rather than a women's hero (or singer). If she only has enough material for a 35 minute set then I have the solution - put Beyonce on the Arena Stage at 5pm and put Eels on the main stage at 9.15.

All in all the weekend was good, but mainly because we had the advantage of the
VIP upgrade, some good sunshine, Eddie Izzard and a couple of performances from Eels, Of Monsters and Men and KoL. Oh and because it was basically £20 instead of the £300 the tickets would have cost!

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