__Trans__ and __Subba_Cultcha

Loved the whole Liverpool Psych Fest but it was topped off by seeing Bernard Butler playing - Bernard Butler! Yes, him ex of that seminal band Suede - in his new band 'Trans' with ex-Yummy Furs frontman Jackie McKeown.

It was a hush hush gig - I think to ease them into gigdom without too much of an early spotlight/pressure - which seemed to be so successfully under the radar that there were only thirty or so there to see this first gig of the band. And they were ace.

Took a bit of footage with my iPhone, which you can see on
YouTube. Check 'em out when you get the chance. Trans's EP is out imminently on Rough Trade records.

Photo 5 - PF

My review of the psychedelic festival is up on the Subba-Cultcha website. Neat!

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