Sport - Liverpool and England

This has been a bit of a blog omission, given so much of my Twittering is about sport. Anyway my main sporting love is football, primarily following Liverpool, but I enjoy watching any football. Have been on several trips overseas to watch football at all levels, including trips based in Tilburg (Netherlands), Budapest and Prague with a big group of footy supporters - organised through the European Football Weekends group. Last year I went with a splinter group from that to Munich to watch football in Germany and Austria.

I was a Liverpool Season Ticket Holder on the Kop back in the standing days, before I went to University. On my return to the north west I have had many seasons going to most the home games - especially when a member of the LFC Priority Ticket Scheme. When they got rid of that scheme then holiday makers had as much chance of getting a ticket as a supporter so I've not managed to get as many tickets. Still, that's good for the club, as the day trippers spend money in the club shop, where as I don't.

Was on the waiting list for a season ticket for over a decade, but managed to fall of it as the club wrote to me - while I was overseas - saying I had to register to confirm my interest in a season ticket within four weeks (and pay a fee). When I got back to the UK the date had passed and I fell off the list completely (not even gone to the back). The list is closed to new (and old) people too. Awful nonsense from a club. Supporters, who needs 'em.

So these days I go to the occasional Liverpool game as opposed to all of them, and have to watch the others down in a hostelry - usually the Dizzy. I also go to some other none Premiership games, last year I went to a few games including Hillsborough for the first time - for Wednesday v Barnsley - and Bolton v Bristol City.

Not a big
England fan. It's hard when International Football is generally so much poorer to watch than league or European games. I think to be honest though it was the Ron Greenwood years which killed any fledgling England fan in me. Don't get me wrong, I want England to win, but I just don't lose sleep if they don't.

One England I do enjoy to watch though is the
cricket. Yes, I am one of the seemingly small band of people who enjoy Test Cricket! Should be a good summer with the Ashes coming back over here, before heading back to Australia just as quick. Bring it on.

Other sports? Well I can live without golf - though enjoy the drama of the
Ryder Cup - and Tennis - again would still probably still watch a bit of Wimbledon. I quite enjoy watching international Rugby Union - so the imminent Lions tour may be fun. Loved the London Olympics as soon as the Opening Ceremony started, despite expecting it to be the biggest anti-climax. Have they Knighted Danny Boyle yet?

So, what to put in Sports Blog? Not sure, but it will probably largely be footy and again largely Liverpool. Will no doubt be a bit of England cricket stuff and some Lanky-lanky-lancashire.
Ad hoc. It will defo be ad hoc.