Jun 2013

Cricket and Footy

The cricket yesterday was excellent to watch, despite the ridiculous slow start to the England innings (6-1 after six overs). The end with Butler was exhilarating.

Then there was England football. Oh dear. Such as good record the Under 21s have, but now in championship mode they look just like their grown up counterparts and played awfully against Italy.

Anyway, just after England lost 1-0 to Italy England bowled out New Zealand to win the one day match. Thus losing the series 2-1, but looking promising too just in time for the Champions Trophy.

Sport - Liverpool and England

This has been a bit of a blog omission, given so much of my Twittering is about sport. Anyway my main sporting love is football, primarily following Liverpool, but I enjoy watching any football. Have been on several trips overseas to watch football at all levels, including trips based in Tilburg (Netherlands), Budapest and Prague with a big group of footy supporters - organised through the European Football Weekends group. Last year I went with a splinter group from that to Munich to watch football in Germany and Austria.

I was a Liverpool Season Ticket Holder on the Kop back in the standing days, before I went to University. On my return to the north west I have had many seasons going to most the home games - especially when a member of the LFC Priority Ticket Scheme. When they got rid of that scheme then holiday makers had as much chance of getting a ticket as a supporter so I've not managed to get as many tickets. Still, that's good for the club, as the day trippers spend money in the club shop, where as I don't.

Was on the waiting list for a season ticket for over a decade, but managed to fall of it as the club wrote to me - while I was overseas - saying I had to register to confirm my interest in a season ticket within four weeks (and pay a fee). When I got back to the UK the date had passed and I fell off the list completely (not even gone to the back). The list is closed to new (and old) people too. Awful nonsense from a club. Supporters, who needs 'em.

So these days I go to the occasional Liverpool game as opposed to all of them, and have to watch the others down in a hostelry - usually the Dizzy. I also go to some other none Premiership games, last year I went to a few games including Hillsborough for the first time - for Wednesday v Barnsley - and Bolton v Bristol City.

Not a big
England fan. It's hard when International Football is generally so much poorer to watch than league or European games. I think to be honest though it was the Ron Greenwood years which killed any fledgling England fan in me. Don't get me wrong, I want England to win, but I just don't lose sleep if they don't.

One England I do enjoy to watch though is the
cricket. Yes, I am one of the seemingly small band of people who enjoy Test Cricket! Should be a good summer with the Ashes coming back over here, before heading back to Australia just as quick. Bring it on.

Other sports? Well I can live without golf - though enjoy the drama of the
Ryder Cup - and Tennis - again would still probably still watch a bit of Wimbledon. I quite enjoy watching international Rugby Union - so the imminent Lions tour may be fun. Loved the London Olympics as soon as the Opening Ceremony started, despite expecting it to be the biggest anti-climax. Have they Knighted Danny Boyle yet?

So, what to put in Sports Blog? Not sure, but it will probably largely be footy and again largely Liverpool. Will no doubt be a bit of England cricket stuff and some Lanky-lanky-lancashire.
Ad hoc. It will defo be ad hoc.