Jan 2013

Website Re-Kicked

I’ve had a website for many a moon now, from back in the early 2000s when I first got a dodgy copy of Dreamweaver from an underpass in Moscow, to my current - legitimate, if a whole lot less adventurous - use of RapidWeaver.

It’s not been in much use for years though with the changes in storage and social network driving me across a plethora of web platforms including MySpace, Facebook, MobileMe, Flickr, BlogSpot and Twitter. My MySpace presence was deleted along with most peoples, MobileMe died last year too. Facebook is now fading away with few tears shed. BlogSpot has so far only really been used for a few of my overseas trips and not for general blogging.

My photo presence has moved from MySpace, Facebook & MobileMe to
Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/zevonesque/) and general updates, thoughts and knee-jerk reactions get posted on Twitter (zevonesque). A few social bits and bobs get posted on Facebook where some friends on there haven’t made the progression across to Twitter.

What of the website? Well, I want to keep the name (for my hero Warren) but I need to think a bit about what it will be used to present. Most my personal stuff uploaded across the Internet over the years is photographic, but there is no sense in repeating the multitude of albums presented in Flickr. However Twitter’s linear and transient form means that so many bits can get lost in the occasional deluge of silly events (simply snowfall, or kicking ball boys being recent examples) and from time to time there will be items that I put on there that I may feel could be better spoken of in more than 140 characters and or one link and RT. So on reflection if I am going to keep it, then it would make sense to use the site to present subjects that are close to my heart, be it now, in the future, long term or as a temporary as a Tweet splash in a Twitter storm.

Current expectations are therefore that I will end up picking little subjects to create pages on in relation to my favourite things:

  • Travel
  • Photographs
  • Music
  • Real Ale
  • Football
  • Books

I’ll have to decide whether to do a blog per se and if so whether to put it on here or use BlogSpot. With that one, watch this space!