Movember 2013

Power to the Mo

Decided on the 31st October at about 8pm to go for Movember for the second year. Yep, nothing like a last minute call - like

Last year I posted photos on a daily basis on this website, this time I'll just post them on my
Mo Space. so follow the progress through the month on there. Feel free to donate if you wish too - it's a good cause - but no pressure in these difficult times. However do read up on what it's all about and where the money goes.

Below are the photos from November 6th last year and the final Mo - along with an incredibly realistic projection for this years effort…

6 Nov 2012 30 Nov 2012
November 6th 2012 and the final 'tash.

6 Nov 2013 30 Nov 2013
November 6th 2013 and projected 'tash for 2013….