Website Links



Liverpool Echo - Liverpool's premier paper.
Liverpool FC - Liverpool's premier football club.
Marine FC - Liverpool's other club.
Everton - Not sure if these guys are still going.
Independent Liverpool - Great membership initiative for independent cafes, restaurants and shops - Cost £10 - RECOMMENDED!
7Streets - for the cultural goings on around the city

Real Ale and Pubs


Campaign for Real Ale - A handy little club to join doing what it says on the tin, or glass.
Liverpool & District CAMRA - the local branch of the handy little club.
Caledonia - not the best website, but a damn fine pub near Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall

Music and Festivals


End of the Road Festival - Best small/medium sized festival in UK. It is you know.
Glastonbury Festival - A little known festival down in that there Somerset way.
Warren Zevon - Warren Zevon Official Website
Warren Zevon - Wikipedia entry


Easyjet - Flights to and From Liverpool (and a few other places).
Trainline - Trains to and From Liverpool and the odd other place.


Writing on the Wall - Liverpool's very own Writing Festival
Dead Good Poets Society - Facebook page of Liverpool's Society of Dead Good Poets
The Poised Pen - a Liverpool writing group, which I'm involved with
Mid Week Blues Buster - A 'slushy 500' on a different theme each week - 300-700 words
Visual Dare - 150 words based on a word and a picture published each week
Trifecta - a popular weekly challenge of between 33 and 333 words
NaNoWriMo - the November challenge to write a 50,000 word novel
55 Word Challenge - a midweek challenge Wednesday to Thursday
The Living Dead - funny, bizarre, scary, zombies. You get the idea
Race the Date - weekly (26 hour) competition Monday to Tuesday - 300 word max